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Magnizon SVD-007K3

  • More Accurate Motor Auto-tuning
  • Advanced open loop vector control
  • Suitable for submersible/surface mount/ synchronous /Asynchronous type water pumps/motors
  • Perfect voltage and current control, reducing the fault protection times
  • Solar and National grid/Generator compatible
  • Multiple braking modes and instant stopping
  • VF and Sensor-less Vector Control
  • Up to 0.5Hz/150% starting torque
  • LED Key pad for the parameters configuration at field
  • Standard C3 filters; Optional C2 filters
  • Accurate parameters auto tuning and better motor drive
  • Simple water supply function
  • CE Safety certified
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Magnizon SVD-075K3 solar pump inverter efficiently drives the pump motors by advanced maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. Magnizon solar inverters support solar panel input and AC main power or generator input. It can work 24 hours with enough power support. 100% compliance with CE safety/EN/IEC 60068-2-27. Compatible with all kinds of motors & pumps including asynchronous & synchronous, submersible and surface mount


Existing AC motor-based systems can be used: Conventional AC induction motors are generally used for a water pumping system, so with this advancement in technology there is no need to replace the existing pump/motor/pipes/cables. Simply user can add Solar Panel & controller to run the existing AC motor during the day time and at night Grid power can be used (dual input systems).

Key Features

  • With no water alarm, timing to restart functions. When the pool has no water, they will stop, and then it will restart after the interval set or water level raises to safe level.
  • When the pool is full, the solar inverter automatically stops, and it will show it in solar inverter`s panel.
  • Reliable: Solar inverter power supply are seldom used in the moving parts; the work is reliable
  • Safety: No other public nuisance. Don’t have any solid, liquid and gas harmful substances, absolutely environmental protection.
  • Easy installation and maintenance, suitable for unattended or automatic running needs, etc
  • Good compatibility, Solar power generation can be used with other energy, also can according to the need to make the solar system easily expanded
  • Input voltage: DC 100V~310V (1-ph pumps) & DC 100V~600V (3-Ph pumps)
  • Input frequency range: 0-400Hz
  • Control mode: V/F control mode
  • Carrier frequency setting: 1kHz-15kHz.
  • Input frequency resolution: digital setting, 0.01Hz, analogue setting, Max frequency×0.1%
  • Starting torque: 0.5Hz/150%
  • Overload capacity: 150% Rated current-60s, 180% Rated current-10s
  • Torque boost:0.1%-50.0%
  • V/F curve: liner type, multipoint type
  • JOG control: JOG frequency range, 0.00Hz-50.00Hz, JOG acceleration and deceleration time 0.0s-6500.0s
  • PLC Multi-speed running: By built-in PLC
  • Built-in PID: Easy to realize process control closed-loop control system
  • Automatic voltage regulation(AVR): When voltage changes, it can automatically maintain a constant output voltage
  • Over voltage and over the current loss of speed control: During the inverter running, the current automatic voltage limit, to prevent frequent trips through the pressure
  • Communication methods: RS-485


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